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TakaTaka Solutions: Value from waste fractions in Nairobi

Posted by Emiel Eigenraam (Admin) Apr 24, 2015 Posted in Taka Taka challenge

Making waste collection in lower income areas completely sustainable on a private sector basis, would you consider this possible? Global pioneer TakaTaka Solutions in Nairobi managed to set up a waste collection system that is completely independent from subsidies or sponsorship.


In Kenya’s capital Nairobi, around 3,5 million people produce 1.900 tons of waste per day. One third of all waste is picked up by the garbage trucks from the city council, or by private companies that pick up garbage on an expensive subscription basis. Uncollected waste ends up in the environment and piles of trash became permanent features of the cities’ landscape.

TakaTaka Solutions picks up and processes waste on a subscription basis varying per target group. Clients are asked to separate waste in three types of bins: organic, recyclable and residual waste. Doing that, the company is able to recycle 96% of all waste that is being picked up. Organic waste (about five tons a day) is handled at the composting facility of TakaTaka Solutions in the Kangemi suburb of Nairobi. The recyclables are separated into around 40 fractions and sold to outside recycling companies. Some waste fractions are saved until a suitable buyer is found.



Creating jobs for youth groups

Besides offering a solution for Nairobi’s waste problem, TakaTaka Solutions provides over 80 jobs to underprivileged youths (25-35 years old). Youth groups are employed to collect waste door-to-door, while training and equipping clients to separate their waste. Working for TakaTaka Solutions quadrupled their monthly income. 



Improving life and environment

As a result, living conditions within the Nairobian communities have improved significantly in terms of environmental pollution and health. 8000 households are currently serviced by the project and according to the goals the company set, this is just a start...








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